Use of Zinc Oxide in Sunscreen Lotion

Glochem website, under the name of Global Chemical Company, manufactures zinc oxide grade Bp-1 and BP-2 which is used in sunscreen lotions and are pharmaceutical grade chemicals. The use of zinc oxide has practical and philosophical reasoning, as zinc oxide provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays. This is done by reflecting or scattering of ultraviolet rays. The Glochem website produces zinc oxide BP-1 and zinc oxide BP-2 grade chemicals that can block rays at 600nm and also ultraviolet rays at 380-400 nm wavelength. The lotions containing zinc oxide will also prevent the UV rays to enter the skin and cause damage.

Safety of Zinc Oxide

The use of zinc oxide in sunscreen lotion needs research in terms of safety. The Glochem website, that is Global Chemical Company, has their own research and development laboratory where the quality of the product is checked and then only the product is marketed. There are no health concerns observed with the use of zinc oxide in sunscreen lotions. Hence zinc oxide has been approved to be used as protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The use of sunscreen lotion with zinc oxide as an ingredient is being comfortably used and important as it needs to be applied the recommended amount in order to get complete protection from UV rays. When the lotion is applied in less amount it can lead to a reduction in the protection by the UV rays and can also result in burns due to high exposure to UV light.For your information, by using half the amount of sunscreen lotion will give you the only square root of the SPF. So, if you use SPF 30 sunscreen lotion and apply half the amount of the recommendation, you will get the protection of SPF 5.5 only.

Recommendation to Choose Sunscreen Lotions:

  • Stick to the sunscreen lotion with zinc oxide as the main
  • The formula should provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the spectrum.
  • Lastly, choose mineral sunscreen lotion, keeping the eco-friendly nature of these minerals.

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