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You are well acquainted with the term ‘Hip Hop’ right? Anyone from the 21st century would be, anyways. Well, it is subculture of the 1970s which took birth in New York City. Most of us connect the word with music, though it has other connotations as well.

 It is connected with rapping and DJing, apart from dance movements and graffiti art forms. Fashion is not far behind. Hip Hop is also a fashion statement. Click Here for The Latest Article on the Hip hop industry.

Let us zoom through the best Hip hop blogs today

The World Wide Web is strewn with hip hop modes of self-expression. Click Here for The Latest Article on trending top of the list blogs:

  • Hot New Hip-Hop –

It’s a blog which allows artists to display their talent online for others to see. Members post their short videos and recordings for others to listen and spread the joy. This blog is an active on, with the most number of posts.

  • Hip Hop Dx –

This blog is for and by critics. You will get to read lots of comments, news on the best happenings in the music world. This is quite famous in Los Angeles.

  • The Source –

Is your one stop source for behind the scenes news on all the latest trends in musical hip hop, at its best?

Few more blogs doing the rounds

There are more Hip Hop blogs doing the rounds of this industry, like Pigeons & Planes, DJ Booth, Dead End Hip Hop, Uproxx and so on. The list is a little exhaustive. Click Here for The Latest Article on the stepping stones for your very own blog on this subculture.

How to start your Hip Hop blog?

Just purchase a domain, web hosting and start writing. Who can stop you? No one except yourself. Just take your pick from the strategies listed by the best Hip Hop blogs and you are on your way!

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